We can help you with a comprehensive report on the state of the property you are buying or selling.

Other Services:  

  • Snag reporting for your new or renovated home.
  • Risk and safety reports for insurance companies and commercial buildings.
  • Drawing up of a Maintenance scope of works for your contractor.
  • Maintenance Plans for Sectional Titles/Body Corporates.
  • Quality Assurance on Building/Maintenance & Painting Projects.

What is a home inspection?  
A Home Inspection is a non-invasive examination of the condition of a home. It is a visual recording of the condition of a property with photographs pertaining its condition and state of repair.

For who is this inspection report?  

A property inspection is for the Buyer and for the Seller. It eliminates any problems and risks that may arise after the sale. It also protects the seller from any Buyer deciding they do not like the property and its problems, and then decides to take the Seller to court. Any Estate Agent who needs to get a perfect view on property condition. Bankers/Bond Originators and Insurance companies who needs a perfect view on property condition.

What do I inspect?  


  • Structure – inside and outside / Insulation / Structure Flashings and Chimneys Roof covering / Soffits & Fascia’s / Waterproofing Gutters and Downpipes


  • Doors and Windows – Condition
  • Structure and Walls / Boundary Walls – Condition
  • Decking and Tiling
  • Balconies and Railings
  • Vegetation – Drainage and Moisture
  • Foundations if possible


  • General Paint work
  • Doors and Locks
  • Skirting’s
  • Cupboards and Hinges
  • Ceilings and Floors
  • Garage and doors


  • Basic (Not a Plumbing Certificate)
  • Main water valve
  • Geyser installation
  • Taps
  • Toilets
  • Sinks and Drains


  • Basic (Not an Electrical Certificate)    
  • Electrical Meter / Pre-paid Meter    
  • DB Board     
  • Lights  
  • Plugs     

Basic Report:  

Basic reporting on Damp in walls, condition of floors, Roof (Exterior only) condition of roof, condition of gutters and downpipes, Walls and Ground Drainage. Checking of buildings vs plans

Medium Report:  

Medium reporting on Damp in walls, condition of floors skirting’s and cupboards, Roof structure interior and exterior, gutters and downpipes, Structure, Walls and Ground Drainage. Checking of buildings vs plans  

Comprehensive Report:  

Comprehensive Factual report on entire property with detailed and photographic facts. We actually check everything. Report covers the entire property.   

Terms and Conditions:

  •  All inspections are done on the condition of the house on date of inspection.
  • All observations made and reported on in the inspection are true on the time and date of inspection.
  • No furniture or other goods will be moved to gain access to areas, systems and components.    
  • Entry to and on roof will only be done if deemed safe.
  • The Home Inspector will not be liable for not reporting contractor’s faults not visible, concealed faults or any faults behind locked doors.
  • Our Home Inspection report cannot be deemed as a guarantee or warranty of any future change of house condition.
  • It must be reminded that Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers are always at risk in a property transaction.
  • The Home Inspector is not a qualified engineer, electrician or plumber.